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Pikes Peak Recce

21 October 2005
Traverse City, MI
I have an odd request of my fellow Prime members...

We are preparing for our first ever bid at Pikes Peak International Hillclimb on July 8th, 2012. We have never seen the mountain in-person, and as such, will be flying to Colorado Springs to meet some fellow racers on April 27th.

Is there a chance I could rent/borrow someone's NSX for thre days on April 27th/28th/29th to run Recce on the Pikes Peak Highway? The highway is FULLY paved so no issues with dirt!!! Also, as registered racers, we MUST ADHERE TO SPEED LIMITS, or risk being disqualified from competition. This will be slow-paced pleasure cruise. The NSX will also be garage-kept between days.

I have the utmost respect for other peoples property, as it's what I do for a living. There are years of my great reputation documented on here.

The NSX can be modded, or completely stock. I would like to drive the highway in an NSX to have a general "feel" of the road with as close of a tool to our PPIHC NSX as possible. Heck, if it's an AEM-equipped car, I would be glad to tune it as a token of gratitude!

I hope this post isn't out of bounds, as it feels "uncomfortable" to ask this of my fellow members. Our current plan is to run the mountain in a BMW, so it's not going to be hurtful in any way if we are turned away.

Thank you for your time...please Email or PM if you'd rather not go public.

Cody Loveland
I've forwarded this request to the NSXCO (Colorado NSX Owner's) email list. Also added you to that list so you can send to the list directly (you'll border on being a CO resident for some of the year). It is good secondary place to contact CO folks (who don't frequent Prime) who will find occasional updates about your bid interesting and exciting...if you don't cross over the line to SPAM.

If you'll be out here with the NSX by early June for testing, etc, the race NSX's body would be a good addition to the CP Concours.
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I’ve personally driven mine to all 48 contiguous states, but never to the top of Pike’s Peak. You could do that for me.

Yes Will! I was thinking Saturday Night(28th). Our fellow racers are curious to meet a bunch of NSXr's, so lets set something up!

All of you have been so helpful! I never thought we would have a list of NSX's to choose from. We have one in mind that we are trying to coordinate, so I will be contacting you individually once we make our decision either way.

Thank you again,

I'm late to the posts but I am down for a meet and greet as well. I haven't met anyone local since I moved here last year lol. :redface:
I'm available all day Saturday and most of Sunday. I would drive up Pikes Peak on either of those days, as it is something I have never done before. Isn't that the way it always is: I've driven this NSX to and in all 48 contiguous but never done a truly unique drive right in my backyard?

Put me down for 1. :smile:
How about we meet here at 6pm on Saturday night (4-28). Post up if you'll be able to make it and I'll get us a reservation.

I've got us booked for 6pm, looks like 15 of us total. I'm not entirely sure if Cody is going to be able to make it, I've left a few messages but haven't heard back from him, previously he indicated he would be free to hang out with us tonight.

I figure it'd still be good to see some new and familiar faces even if Cody can't make it.
Hey Will, thanks for setting up dinner. It was nice to meet some of the local NSX people! (the food wasn't bad either) I look forward to any future get together events. :smile:

It was great to see familiar faces, and meet the new ones! The mountain was beautiful!

Thank you Tom and Jacque for letting us drive your NSX for the weekend! Holy cow was that awesome!

We will be back in early June with the car for the June 9th and 10th Practice days. They are relatively "private", but I'm sure you can still get on the mountain for some sneak previews of not only the NSX, but many other newer cars as well!

Until then...my favorite picture: