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PIR track day 6/27 - 8hrs of track time!!


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13 May 2000
Lake oswego, OR
I've got PIR rented out on Friday June 27th. It'll be a private event with approximately 30 participants total.
Lunch and refreshments provided.

Test and Tune style day means there are no run groups or sessions. You will get 8 hours of track time.

$350.00 per driver (bring as many cars as you'd like).
I only have a few spots left so please contact me for details
[email protected]

-Eddie Nakato-
you know I'm not too good with PIR, but if you say so, I'll check my schedule... but you got to find me a place to park and sleep.

I bet john@microsoft will be there, him and eddie are great friends
This is your last chance for a spot at the AR track day this friday!!
I have just a few spots left available so please contact me asap to secure your spot!!
You guys missed out.
Not only was there 8 hours of unlimited track time...
But you missed out on the "help" I hired.
I told you.... :confused: :rolleyes:

If you wanted them to show up you should have hired the 'right type' of model talent to help out.


of course, you would have to have also had substituted these in place of the $10 meal tickets...


Sigh.... always next year. We'll bet big next time... get a big name celebrity out like NOPI does. I'm thinking that maybe Chazz Reinhold is something for you to bring up at the next NSXPO planning committee meeting.

Hey, at least one NSX vendor would have probably loaded up their trailer and made the cross country drive. :wink: