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Plane crash-landing in Toronto...

14 August 2003
Toronto, Canada


They had an interview with a woman on a local station who was one of the first to get off the plane. There was very heavy rain + lightning (planes had already been grounded), and this one came in too high over the runway, and then dropped hard. The plane bounced a couple of times, the tires blew, and the plane skidded off the runway into a ravine where it burst into flames. Most people managed to get out, but there were still people inside with broken legs etc.

Still lots of smoke coming out... you can see it on the live traffic cams here:


and here:

Some people are saying it got hit by lightning while it was landing..interesting..the good thing is that the traffic cameras will have pretty much caught the whole thing depending on whether they record full feed..or just take enough to update the webstie.

From what I know CP24 would have a full feed...since the have the feeds in the studio every day
Well, the webcams only update their image every few minutes, but the local feeds are showing live updates from the cameras. It all depends on whether the camera was facing the right way at the time or not...
Yeah I bet CP24 will have it live at 6.. I'm still at work so I'm going to watch it in the lounge on the 60" TV ;)
Just watched the news, glad to hear there were no deaths (around 43 people injured though). Some passengers mentioned the flight attendants did an outstanding job getting everyone off the plane.