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Please Help Radio Brackets?????

6 January 2005
I have a 1991 NSX the previous owner must have had an aftermarket radio in the car. But when we got the car it had no radio at all. The console looks custom compared to what the original one looks like. I brought it to a high-end audio dealer near me. When he first looked at it he said that we would have to get brackets from Acura to mount an aftermarket radio. When he contacted Acura and they went over the schematics they came to the conclusion that the brackets are attached to the stock radio. How can we mount an aftermarket radio, and do I need to get a new center console bessel??? PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT

domino4now said:
I How can we mount an aftermarket radio, and do I need to get a new center console bessel???
Hi Dominick - SoCalDude got you covered with the brackets - if you slot the holes in the bracket it will give you some vertical adjustment to locate the head precisely in relation to the console aperture for the head. Those bracket mounting screws install into the stock head lower mounting screw-holes in both Malibu Rapper's & my pics. There are additional screw locations behind the lower mounting of A/C module, but it shouldn't be absolutely necessary (as you can see in both examples) to use those too.

Here's how you can re-work your console to match up to your new head unit -
Either DIY or have a body shop do it for you.
What does the console look like currently & what are you planning to install in there? Can you include pics of what you have?
Another option, but this probably wont work for you since you don't have the stock radio is to use the cover plates of the stock radio that has the brackets already welded on. What I did was remove the cover plate on my Alpine head unit, remove the cover plate on my stock radio, and simply swapped them. Now, the holes to screw the cover plate don't exactly line up, but that is not a problem since I just made my own screw holes (BE careful not to drill into your electronics). To get fine adjustments I just used shims to align the deck where I wanted it to be. I ended up buying a spare NSX deck off ebay for cheap so I have an unmodified stock headunit if I want to return to stock at a later date. Anyway, that is just another mounting option.