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Please tell me if this isn't a good deal!

10 December 2001
Austin, Texas, US
I am currently in the market for a circa $30,000 auto, and because of my longtime love for the NSX, a used one sits at the top of my list (practical or not)! I do however, wish to take my time and carefully select one before I decide to jump in. I have been scouring online forums and FAQs such as the one that NSXPrime offers, and learned of most of the major pitfalls when selecting an older model of this beautiful exotic. So tell me if I'm crazy for thinking that this looks like a pretty good deal... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/aw-cgi/ebayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=599006601&r=0&t=0 This is a repost of this particular car, and I 'believe' the reserve is set around $30,000. I absolutely LOVE the way the car is dressed up to look like the 96-01’s with the rims and painted top! Average mileage for the model year, and it 'looks' like a much more expensive car! It's there any downfall to having the black tops painted to match the exterior? How much success is generally found when trying to do this? How about the later model rims on the '94, any problems at all inherent with that?? Thanks in advance!
check here.....on the forum page that nsx has been discused already seems like a decent deal at a first look

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Make sure to run the VIN and make sure it has a clean history. There are no problems with using the newer NSX wheels on the older models. It is a manual though, not an automatic. If the car is in as good condition as it says, 30K actually seems pretty low.
I just posted about this car. Go look for the topic that says VIN CHECK PLEASE. You will find out all you need.

It has been posted on ebay since at least august and never sold.

The reserve was 31,900 last time, but I wouldnt pay more than 30K for it. Lud pointed out a lot of unusual things about it.

Good luck!
You know, in some of the photos, by the louvre and rear left side of the rear hatch, it looks like a piece of tree is on the car... It just makes me wonder... this guy is posting pictures to sell his vehicle, you think he would make sure his pictures are 100% perfect.. So why didn't he knock that piece of plant off? Perhaps its covering something up, or maybe it suggests something about his mentality personality etc... Maybe i'm reading into this...
Yeah....and why wouldn't he take in those trash cans before taking the photos?

Weird, eh?



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This car has been on ebay forever. There has been bids on it before, but after the auction ends, it always seem to finds its way back on ebay. There is definitely something wrong.
If you are really serious about the car, the only thing to do is go look at it. I have purchased a couple of cars that I found on ebay, but not through bidding on them. Email the guy and get his phone number, ask him if you can go see the car and if it is all it is supposed to be, make him and offer. Ebay seems to bring out many people that want to bid on high dollar items, but don't want to purchase them. If you fly out to see the car, make a fair offer the chances are he will take it and cancel the auction.

Of course this is just my opinion and I have lots of frequent flyer miles and a great boss, your situation might be different.

I would never bid or buy a car off of ebay without checking it out first though.

Good Luck!
Originally posted by Carguy!:
I would never bid or buy a car off of ebay without checking it out first though.

I totally agree with you on that! I would handle the deal exactly the way you described, if I were seriously interested in purchasing this car! And while I am still somewhat interested, thanks to the helpful community of NSXPrime there have been several issues raised about this particular NSX. I'm not sure it's even worth traveling to see. After all, you know what they say, "If it looks too good to be true..." Ahhhh, but I do love those '96 rims and painted top! (siiiiigh)

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I'm about 45 minutes away from that car, and have talked to that guy on AOL before.. he seems ok to me, but thats online, mind you. I'd gladly go take a look at the car for anyone that would like... just get with me and email me a detailed checklist... [email protected]