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Pole 2 Flag Bladed Anti-Roll Bar Review & Offer

26 January 2001
San Diego, CA
I'm posting this feedback on behalf of Greg-TT who tracks his NSX often and is the only one experienced the ARB frt and rear on the track.
He is a very busy person traveling around globally (ie 3x in China last month) so I am posting his feedback for all to read.

Just wanted to give a quick review out there for the Pole2flag's new adjustable blade-type ARB (Antiroll bars).
It’s not often I feel compelled to do something like this, but these are so much better than the other brands out there in my opinion. For those that don’t know my story, I bought a NSX to speed up a learning curve to handle mid-engined cars on the track. So my plan was keeping the car for a year or so. However that changed soon after I took the car out for a first drive.

The car has been heavily modded from get go so it only needed a few TLC to become a proper track weapon to hang with GTR, Z06 and GT3s. The only short coming I could think of it was a set of mediocre antiroll bars. After a short research I've decided to give Dali track bars (1" Front and 7/8" Rear) a try. Improvement over other bars that came with car was noticeable but I wanted it more stiff up front. With the front bar at stiffest setting and full soft on rear and no matter what I did, the car would oversteer mid-corner. I tried everything short of changing spring rates. After that day I started looking for better suited ARB set up.
Next step was going Dali 'trophy' bar route but when I learned a heck job was inevitable I passed on trophy bars the search continued.

When the Pole2flag adjustable blade type ARB (Antiroll bars) came out I was dead set on getting them. What not to like about Dali 'trophy' bar level stiffness, infinite adjustable and less weight? Just so you know, Tim@Pole2flag has worked at Nissan motorsports for many years and he has great knowledge when it comes to race-proven parts. And I love just about anything race-proven (NOT race-inspired) designed parts. Anyways, I finally got the bars installed on my car. Based off of my previous experiences I set the bars up full stiff up front and full soft out back.

Driving around on the street, it felt better overall and flatter turn was very noticeable, but I wanted to reserve my final judgment on the ARB until I got the car up to speed on a track. After a several track days on multiple tracks including very fast WSIR, I am super excited to announce that the Pole2flag ARB are downright perfect for this car! There’s still more adjustment to be done to make the car completely perfect but thats my whole point. I can actually adjust what I need to adjust! Thumbs up to Pole2flag for offering a NOT just another part but an advanced race-proven designed part for NSX!!


Comments From Pole 2 Flag:

Greg was on poly bushings during the above track days and we have since made optional solid alum bushings and the difference is easily felt w/o any funny noises.

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not less weight than oem/Dali/CT. its about the same weight.
there is a question mark after less weight? Nick did the install on Greg's car and Greg simply pick up the car and never held the bar by itself. He was just curious.
the main bar is 4130 with .200" wall. the blades are aero space landing gear material so its all steel alloy and not light weight but around the weight of the one piece bar.

the rear will be the same wall thk but with 4130 vs DOM, you will have more adjust-ablity and be able to set the car for over steer to understeer easily and anything in between if you choose to do so.