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Poor Z06 can't find no Lovin.

12 October 2004
Not even on a Corvette forum. If you have a minute, read this review, it is hilarious.


funnyvetteowner said:
Went to the local dealer to pick up a transmission drain plug for my C4 which the previous owner mangled into a nearly useless glob of metal. :mad:
And there, sitting on the used lot, was a black on black 06 C6Z with 21k miles. After ordering my $1.23 part, I stopped in to see how much they wanted for it. The sales guy was utterly ignorant of Corvettes, but he offered to let me drive it when he found out I already had two Corvettes. Hmmm, let me think.... hellz yeah.
Fired it up via the current "must-have" piece of stupidity- the pushbutton starter. Why they feel this is somehow "better" than a traditional key is beyond me.
While we're looking at the interior, I have to join the ranks of the myriad of magazine writers who think the interior looks like melted azz. The dash is some spongy imitation of a rubbermaid trashcan and the shifter surround console is hard plastic, very similar to the console in the C4. The C5, IMHO, was much nicer in these two areas, although the NAV/HVAC controls are clearly much better in the C6. I know I'll get flamed here, but aside from the dated controls themselves, the layout and materials in the late C4 are the best of the three generations. C5 and C6 seats are made for fat old men.
Anyway, fire it up and it emits a nice throaty rumble, even a little boomy.... Nice. Snick it into reverse and go to back out of the parking spot, only to find that visibility out the back is essentially nonexistent. I ended up using the side view mirrors.
The dealership had a little ramp to get off the curb and the car didn't rub the spoiler, so it's higher off the ground than my C5 which is good. Rumbled through the parking lot before I pulled onto the side road. First impression is that the car is not nearly as harsh as I was expecting. I tend to think it might even be softer than my C5Z + koni equipped C5. It certainly handles bumps better than my C4 (I know, you're stunned). It's easily soft enough to be a DD without too much compromise and the ground clearance seems to be sufficient as well.
The steering, however, leaves a lot to be desired. It's considerably lighter than I was expecting and it just feels... artificial. Overboosted. Whatever. It didn't transmit jack to me as I was driving. It cornered nicely enough, it just felt very detached from the road. I now understand why one of the big things GM touted for 2008 was "improved" steering feel.
After a few back streets I was able to finally stand on it merging onto a nice 65 MPH highway. It spun the tires near the top(ish) of first and I gave it a little bit of WOT in second gear. Holy hell- this car is deceptively fast. Not like the Evo MR I drove which FELT absurdly fast, this thing just kinda went from 0 to plaid without any fanfare. It didn't FEEL altogether fast- no wild thrashing from the exhaust or engine, no turbo slingshot, no Darth Helmet holding on for dear life- it just went from 0 to 75 like it wasn't even trying. Wow.
So, they want $61k for it. If I had $60k to spend, this car would probably come home with me, but I'll be honest- the M3 looks very very nice at this price point. It's not as fast, but considerably more refined and the interior is literally light-years better. The dash directly in front if the passenger- the part that says "CORVETTE"- is just embarrassingly bad.
For $75k, I really don't think this car would make my list. Maybe I'm getting old (30), but I guess I expect a better interior if I'm plunking down 75 large. I know the supporters will remind me of how they spent all the money "where it counts", but since I actually have to SIT in the car for hours on end, I expect a little more comfort...

Original Thread:

Not even on a Corvette forum. If you have a minute, read this review, it is hilarious.


That probably would have been my post if I had decided to buy a Z06 instead of an NSX.
GM has made a performer in the last two gen corvettes, but they're still GM.
you can find a c6 z06 with 20k+ miles(like the one posted) for 50k, i think his impression would have been different then:wink:
I think its a pretty ride... @ the right price point you can pimp out (or strip) the interior to suit. The "vague" steering is a bit of a concern though.

Then there's the uber-DD Nissan GT-R (cue the violins) :eek:

My fave Z06 is still the first one - 1963 C2-SWC-Z06 . Silver with red interior.


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