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Price check on 93 w/28k miles

18 April 2012
Checked out a car here in S.F bay area and would like to know what the mkt value is. Car drove really nice, only thing needed is maybe a good detail and timing belt service.
Also water pump and coolant hoses. Around a 3500 expense. But I see that you will have no problems selling the car for 33-35k if its mint. Other wise for every chip, scratch, dent, ding, minus about a hundred dollars.
If it's truly pristine and assuming a manual transmission with little to no mods, I'd try to buy it for 33-35k.

Edit: looks like V.Lats97nsx and I were on the same wavelength about market value.
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No problem. Please let us know if you buy it. :)

I was wondering if you were in AZ due to your username, but sounds like you're in Cali. Good luck! Hope you find your NSX soon and join the local owners for some drives!
This is the same car that was for sale forever on craiglist for $29900. It finally sold to a wholesaler for $23K who cleaned it up for resale. Check out for sale posts for black 1993 NSX