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Pride V2 + Test Pipe (+ Headers) Question

10 September 2010
So I have a Pride V2 exhaust, love it. I mated it to a set of non-resonated test pipes from Angus and I love the sound except for at ~3500 RPM. It's raw, louder, and more 'boomy' sounding which is awesome. But if I'm in second gear with the wrong amount of throttle, it sounds like a freaking Civic from 3500-3800 RPM and just makes me cringe.

1. Does anyone else experience this? Some people have said there is no rasp at all with their V2 and a non-resonated TP.

2. With the V2, non-resonated TP, and headers, does it rasp?
If it doesn't rasp, I'll just get headers instead of replacing the TP with a resonated one.

Rasp - sounds like a Civic fart can
Drone - louder volume at a specific RPM, usually disproportionate to engine load
Weren't the resonated TP made to get rid of that brassy rasp that you get from just straight test pipes? By your post, you mentioned non resonated so that is just the straight test pipes? If so, then the rasp is unavoidable. It happens to any test pipes. I used to have the SOS one on and I just couldn't stand it. Got myself some prospeed High flow cats which probably decreased the volume by like 10-20%, but got rid of the rasp all together.

Good luck!
i have headers, pride v2, stock cats... no rasp, no drone. volume is perfect. sound is perfect.
So it really sounds like I need to get the resonated test pipes. Even my GF says it sounds like a Civic when we drive together.
Thanks guys.
I like the Pride 2 with stock cats and NA 2 headers (on a 2000)

a minor drone from 2000-2500 RPM and then it rages upwards

definitely has a deeper idle tone (eg. sportscar)

friend has one with straight test pipes
its absurd loud and too "in your face"
I don't think the resonated test pipes eliminates all the rasp. I think it only help reduce it. Of course, when compared to the Test Pipes it is definately going to be a huge difference, but the rasp might still be somewhat present. Check out some high flow cats, at least from my experience they fully got rid of the unwanted raspping annoying brassy sound lol
Here is a picture of mine... i loved the sound. it's the pride v2 with angus resonated test pipes. hope it helps. i have another video of acceleration too.
Why not just run some 200 cell cats and be done. No drone, no smell, and free flowing. I really like my Prospeeds.