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Problem with my NSX

1 March 2012
This is my first post ever. :cool:
I just purchased a 2000 Acura NSX-T with 72k and some aftermarket rims

Chip Foose Speedsters.
18x8 Front 225/35/18
19x10 Back 275/30/19

After having the car for 2 weeks, the car started responding different.
other misc things I noticed of course maybe someone out there can help me.

1. The car is equipped with a after market Alpine with a subwoofer. Could this be draining my battery? I noticed sometime the car doesn't want to start, but also I have a T3 key and not the orginal key. the dealrship I purchased it from did not have any other key besides this one.

2. It now drives different. I have to rest my foot on the gas pedal and if I apply slight gas the car vibrates alot like almost some sort of studdering coming from the engine. also it seems like I lost alot of power to the vehicle. If I apply the gas and while it vibrates or shakes then for example in 2nd gear and the rpm is about 3 1/2 or close to 4 the power kicks in normal out of now where. No engine light and also I tried driving with the TCS off and still the car responded the same.

3. I contacted Acura of Monclair, CA and asked is there a FOB I can purchase they told me that this particular year is not equipped to use a FOB. Is this inaccurate? why the heck would they skip a year?

4. Is there suppose to be a cover or a switch over the OBD2 connection. Mine is exposed?

I rather inherit car problems than someones past relationship issues.:confused:

- I did make an appointment for Monday with Acura of Riverside to check out the problems, but maybe someone out there can give me an insight of why the vechile is respond like that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
1. The factory alarm can drain the battery within a week or two if the car is not being driven. Most NSX owners keep their cars on battery tenders when not being driven to keep the battery from draining. The aftermarket stereo probably doesn't help especially if it wasn't installed correctly, ie. make sure it only draws power when the key is in the ACC or ON positions.

2. Did you wash your car recently? If so you may have gotten water down into your rear coil packs(through the rear window garnish vents) and that would cause misfires. Common NSX problem. Can be resolved by making sure the cover seals are installed correctly and by using dielectric grease on the cover seals and the coil spark plug galley seals. If your coils are already corroded you may have to replace them. I would also clean the throttle body as a dirty throttle body will cause a rough idle or stall on these cars.

3. FOB? That means something different to me. :p

4. Not sure about a cover. My car is OBD I so maybe someone with OBD II can comment. Most cars that connector is exposed. Do you have a scan tool to see if there are any codes stored? Some places like O'Reilly Auto Parts will let you borrow one to pull/clear codes.
Welcome and Congrats on your purchase. :) Did you happen to get any service records from the previous owner? Did you get a pre-purchase inspection?

1.) common issue can be loose battery cables.

2.) I agree with EdinKali...check rear coil packs

3.) Key FOB should be able to be used if equipped with Keyless Entry. I am not familiar with NA2 cars but from what I remember the unit is located behind the glove box if you have one. Search keyless entry

4.) I dont think they normally have a cover.

Most owners don't take the NSX to a dealer because they rarely see these cars and the techs aren't that familiar. Most reputable NSX techs have started their own shops. I recommend Jerry Sample at Greenlight Honda Care in San Diego or Ramon at Nigel motors in Laguna Nigel...its a drive but they are experts. Worth it IMO.
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This sounds like a bad fuel pump resistor. If all is OK above 4K rpm, a bad resistor can cause this. You can strap the resistor out to prove it's bad (this will hold the fuel pressure at max pressure).

These cars are known to drain batteries so get used to it. Get yourself a good float charger and hook it up whenever you're not using the car.
I agree with Ed. Spend some time on the DIY Section of Prime to check out the coil packs :cool:

Also, welcome to NSX Prime and congratulations on your purchase :biggrin:
thank you guys for everything, just got the car out of acura. Yeah apparently my new car had water in one of the spark plug coils and the last dealership used the wrong size spark plugs. This is what the dealership told me. I did have the maintenance records none of which had the water pump and timing belt etc. I had it changed anyways. The car is running like I hoped it would. :cool: