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Problem with taking out the front left bottom light!

29 May 2004
Blue Bell,Pa
I noticed that my front bottom left light under the headlight, that one of the bulbs is out. I read in the manual that you need to unscrew from the bottom and pull it out and then replace the bulb. I had used a long screw driver and unscrewed it but the screw does not want to come all the way out it stays connected to the light and the light lamp is loose but won't come out. Any suggestions please? I don't want to keep forcing it :frown:
The screw will not come out - that's deliberate. There is a clip to hold it captive so it doesn't get lost. Unscrew it until it's completely loose (sounds like you're at that stage already) then remove the screwdriver & pop out the light from the front - sometimes they can get a little stuck, so you might want to pry gently between the bumper part & edge of the light with a flat-blade screwdriver to release the lamp assembly (whichever side of the car, pry the edge towards the inside). You want to kind of rotate it out from the inside edge with the fulcrum being the outside edge.
Mine was double sided tape before. I thought the screw stuck.