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PROCAR NSX-R spoiler spec 2 (LED brake light)

3 May 2002
PROCAR SPECIALS introduce the new NSX-R spoiler with black LED brake light (PROCAR NSX-R spoiler spec 2) in dry cf quality.
weight : 2 kg / 4.4 lbs
It comes as limited edition with 10 units.




More pictures with sunlight after the weekend.....
Even in these photos, the workmanship looks stunning! Detlef, I can see why Honda Germany uses your stuff instead on OEM.
I'm a big fan of your OLD version!
Me too :wink:
We got so many inquiries about this spec 2 version that we did that.
Finally we are proud of both versions.

I personally have a problem now, because I cant decide which version
should be installed at the PROCAR NSX. :smile:

Looks great! How much are you going to sell them for?
You got pm.

BTW: Dali Racing will have some units of the PROCAR spec 2 spoilers in stock next 2 weeks.

Now the introducing of the NA1 NSX-R hood with the R hood screen, the
front hood with built-in radiator air outflow duct and the front under-cover with longitudinal fins will be the next.
Procar Specials said:
I personally have a problem now, because I cant decide which version
should be installed at the PROCAR NSX. :smile:
No problem - definitely the 1st version! I guess the 2nd looks better on dark painted cars.
BTW: I see the small Procar Specials decal on your bumper for the 1st time - any more of that? (You see my snail mail adress at the contact page of my website :biggrin: )
Where can we buy this? $$$?
Some news for today.

This year, the Honda Racing Europe NSX-R (ex sport-auto car) will start at the 24h race Nürburgring 2005 in may with the Procar Specials cf spoiler.
Also a Procar R hood in spec 2.1 will be installed, the airbox, fender scoop and radiator brackets.

We will post some pictures after the next week's race.

BTW.... 2 spoilers in spec 2 (with LED) are still available....also 2 new rear windshield cf garnishes.
Procar NSX meets the Honda Racing Europe NSX-R (sport-auto NSX-R)

Place: Nürburgring Nordschleife
Date: 22/23.04.05
Last test race and practice for the 24h race in 2 weeks

The NSX-R got his new Procar parts, R spoiler spec 1 and R hood spec 2.1 in white.




Now that looks much better than the last year's version! Seems that some experienced drivers are standing at the car (does the n-tv sticker mean that Klaus Niedzwiedz is one of the drivers of the NSX-R instead of sitting in the class winner S 2000 like last year?).
Klaus Niedzwiedz is one of the drivers, yes.
Seems that we can watch a nice report at n-tv after the race.

The main driver is Stefan Schlesack (ex rallye professional)
His company do all work at the car with official support
from Honda Racing Europe.
Last weekend during practice and race, the suspension setup got the last modifications.
The engine and gearbox are new too, so it was a better roll in.

The PlayStation guys will install another special camera for the 24h race, not sure what is the reason for.
(Night movie for an release)
PS2 will start an virtual real time 24h race into the paddocks too. Not sure how many simulators they will have, but it seems that they will have fun too.

I meet the german Honda Motorsport manager, Mr. Conen.
I got this last informations:

The 2 JGTC NSX are back in Japan (museum)
All other infos I got were wrong, sorry.

End of 2005, Honda will stop to produce the NSX, he told me that its a fact.
From the sport-auto magazine manager, I got the same information. (Horst von Saurma)
In 2007, the HRC will come with some modifications.
New fact is that the 280 HP agreement in japan dont exist for longer time.

It isnt possible to import an NSX-R to germany.
The car dont will get an permission for street driving
(emission regulatories)

More news and pictures after the race.
Finally we are proud that Honda Racing Europe decided to go for the Procar cf parts.
These parts are not sponsored, means Honda has to pay for each part.
We cant imagine a better reference.
The NSX-R will race in 2006 and 2007 too.
Just got the Spec 2 Procar CF Spoiler. Here are some pics of my car with it installed.

The Spoiler is amazing. Installation went pretty smooth except a small connection problem on the LED module. I would recommend that anyone getting this spoiler should secure the connectors a little better. I put heat shrink on the connectors and then installed the connectors with silicon glue.
Not the most elegant solution but its more secure.

Anyway Detlef Thanks for a great product.


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KAZ got online support and we could fix all.

We tested 2 other spoilers last weekend without these connection problems.

The Procar spoiler comes with a brown and black cable.
brown = +12V
black = ground

The OEM brake light cable is
green/white = +12V
black = ground.

The installation is very easy, last installtion was 5 minutes.