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Pursuit of Childhood Dream Car

Nice build!
I recently saw a Cars n Coffee video in Houston on YouTube and noticed you driving by haha.

Thanks. Well glad to NOT be on youtube for crashing after leaving Cars n Coffee...lets all agree to leave that to mustangs, bmws and corvettes.

Update on the BBSC...getting everything in order including cleaning and polishing of parts. Also had the included 440cc RC injectors cleaned. Glad I did because 3 of them were severely blocked. Sourced new sealed bearings for the shaft along with new spider gears. Basically making sure all the wearable parts are new before bolting this thing on.



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there was a facebook post on your car. someone spotted you. just thought you might want to know.

Yea, been driving it almost daily as my DD is in the shop. Nero sent me a spy pick yesterday. I guess I am not on that particular FB group. I only see the NSXoTX and Gulf Coast NSX posts.
Just found this thread! I'll see if I can figure out how to invite you.
BBSC Update...Sourced an extra oil pan to preinstall the oil return fitting along with the baffle plate so that I can just swap out pans when ready for install. Also, sourced an ATI dampened crank pulley to replace the OEM crank pulley, which as far as I know has never been replaced.Planning on dropping the fuel tank and doing the fuel pump replacement in the next week. Since I was going to have easy access with the tank dropped, sourced some new OEM fuel rubber lines. Some of them were discontinued, but I sourced what I could.After that, a buddy and I will do the install and then take it to get tuned. Goal will be to have everything sorted out prior to NSXPO.Autocross...Decided to sign up for my first autocross event this last weekend. I have never done any kind of motorsport before, but thought it would be a safe fun way to dip my toe in. It turned out to be an absolute blast. I will definitely start participating in these events and maybe start doing some driver education events as well. The NSX was obviously the only one there and was a big hit. Everyone was super friendly and helped explain what the heck was going on during the event and what to expect. Plenty of comments about how exciting it was to see an exotic being used. The crowd had a show as I definitely had two very exciting snap oversteer spin outs. I did have two clean runs and improved by 2 seconds between them. It was a great learning experience driving and just watching others and how they took their lines, brake points, throttle, etc. I will definitely be doing more of these events.
BBSC update.

New upgraded fuel pump is in along with new hoses in and around the area.

Should have the spare oil pan tomorrow with the tap and baffle welded in.

Sourced new ss braided lines and AN fittings as the used ss oil feed and ss oil return lines where looking a little frayed.

This weekend is the install. Its go time!

It's Alive!

Got the BBSC kit installed and tuned! Whew...was getting worried with NSXPO quickly approaching. Still have small odds and ends to clean up the install but she is purring. I'll detail the install headaches and process a later. But here are a few pics and dyno results. Will need to get myself an aftercooler next but sticking with low boost 6psi pulley for now.


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Time for a little update...

Decided to bump the boost on the BBSC by going with a smaller pulley and doing an aftercooler setup. I had 3 pulley sizes with the kit and always assumed they were 6 lb, 9 lb and 12 lb as these were the most common back in the day. Well jokes on me as I thought I would be going from 6 lbs to 12 lbs by jumping to the smallest pulley I had on hand but turned out it was only 9 lbs. So why anyone would do an in between size is beyond me. Ah well, I will run like this until I get the urge for more power and have a smaller pulley made then.

For reference the three pulley sizes I have are measured from top of rib to top of rib. Also, my OEM crank pulley while modified by TiDave to be a 6-rbi is still stock diameter so nothing is overdriven/underdriven on my setup. Same with the alternator pulley, just replaced the OEM 5 rib with a same diameter 6 rib. The pulleys that drive the BBSC carrier shaft are:
3.455"/87.77mm - 9 psi using belt 6PK1690-665K6
3.592"/91.24mm - guessing 8 psi as I haven't used this size
3.921"/99.61mm - 6 psi using belt 6PK1715-675K6

Apparently not a lot of info out there for engine size, pulley size and aftercooler results for the BBSC. Notice that the boost/power ratio followed the "go by" 1 psi:10 hp ratio. I was hoping for more but I don't see any signs of boost leak or belt slippage, so it is what it is I guess. At least, I will be on the safe side with cooler air temps now that I am aftercooled.

Also thanks to DDozier for the sweet aftercooler setup. I picked up his prototype which is super slick. Check out a description at the below thread.

And one more shout out to 96cxt (Rahim) who did all the work. Thanks buddy. So glad to have a local friend and NSX owner who actually has a BBSC setup himself.

3.2L, 6 psi pulley, non-aftercooled - SAE 331 hp / 230 tq
3.2L, 9 psi pulley, aftercooled - SAE 360 hp / 251 tq

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Appreciate it. Good luck with the search. Make sure you check out the various threads and wiki advice on what to look out for when buying an NSX. As long as you are willing to spend the time searching the forum you can get almost any answer you need.
Awesome thread! This has given me some great ideas for when I find my NSX! Thanks for all the links and info.!
*Public Service Announcement *

Don't be like me and install your "pregapped" spark plugs without checking the gaps personally. On an NA car its not to bad to pull your plugs but on a BBSC car the front bank is impossible to get to without pulling out the coolant tank and entire shaft assembly.

This came up recently as I spent a full day at the track driving hard and throwing the occasional misfire codes on all cylinders. Upon checking the gaps, they were set to OEM spec, but I had neglected to gap down based on my HP. So the car ran perfect on the street and low to mid rev ranges, but on a track were you are mid to high I was getting codes.

The recommended procedure from SOS for FI cars, is to not only step down to a colder heat range plug but to also gap down for power requirements.
"Do not adjust gap for factory power. Adjust plug gap from factory specification (.044") approximately .004" less for every 50 bhp added. For example: an application adding 150 bhp would require a .032" gap (.044" - .012")."

I ended up going down to .034" gap for my application and after doing a bit of heavy driving trying to replicate the previous codes, I got nothing. The true test will be the next track day in a few weeks but I think I got the problem solved.