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Questions for Las Vegas folks regards to job market?

28 January 2004

I am currently located in N. Virginia and have been thinking of relocating.
One of my best friend had recently moved to Las Vegas and has been asking me to make the same move. The housing price over here at N. Virginia is sky rocketing high which I will make out pretty good equity if I decide to move but my main concern is with the job market.
I am in IT, primary dealing with Wide Area Network/ Cisco Devices. I haven't been able to locate much IT job on monster.com within the Las Vegas area. So, my question for you local. How is the IT job market in Las Vegas?


Cool, I'm a NoVa transplant! I was born and raised out in Fairfax and moved to Vegas about 3 years ago. I would say the IT job market compared to NoVa is practically non existant. Although it's getting better, there aren't that many IT job out here. That's not to say you couldn't find one, the market is growing, but I think it's a bit harder than baby silicon valley (aka NoVa) and the pay probably wouldn't be as good. You'll just need to look twice as hard. On the plus side the property costs out here are a bargain compared to NoVa. You could probably double you sq. ft for what you can buy out there.