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Questions on New NSX in the UK

19 December 2001
Hi Guys

This is the first post I have put on the board but I was wondering whether you could help us out with a few things. We have bought a 91 NSX from Japan which is due over in 2 weeks. The list of things that it has already had done seems impressive, but as I / we haven't done anything with NSX's in the past, I was after some help. As far as I know after a vague spec, the NSX has 18's, big brakes, uprated suspension, TRD(?) supercharger, Blitz(?) exhaust, induction kit and a HKS AFR.

Firstly, I douby the supercharger is a TRD one, as they only make stuff for Toyota, an I right or not? Secondly, we are HKS, Blitz, Apexi and Trust dealers in the UK and don't know of any Blitz exhausts for the NSX. It also has a Gruppe M full widearch kit on it.

Can anyone suggest what supercharger it may be, coming from Japan, and what things to look for when it arrives. I beleive that you guys uprate the pulley for a smaller one to run 9psi or so, from the stock 5 or 6psi. How can I tell which type it is? I'm hoping the AFR air/fuel controller has been set up correctly to ensure it doesn't run too lean, is this a problem on the NSX? Finally, I know the compression ration is quite high on the NSX being an N/A but isn't adding a supercharger going to increase this even more? Do we not have to put a bigger head gasket on to compensate?

I know this post is a long one, but I would appreciate it if someone could spend some time and help us out.

Many Thanks


Chris Lloyd

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