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Quick Brake ?, Hope for Quick Response

5 April 2004
I need to change my pads but cannot do it for a few days. The rear brake is making a terrible squeaking sound, but there are no marks on the rotors. Is the noise I'm hearing likely the "feeler" indicators telling me the brakes need to be changed? If so, how long before I will hit metal? Thanks.
usually when you hear a high pitched squeal without touching the break pedal it is the wear indicator. especially when in reverse. if thats what it is you dont have much time before metal to metal. Did you check the inner anf outer surfaces of the rotors for scaring?
Yeah. I don't think there is any scarring yet. I will change them asap but I can't do it now so I was wondering how long I have until I start causing damage.
If you are planning to change the rotors anyway, then there's no worry IMO unless your parking brake won't grabbed the cars from moving when parked.

Normally you don't consume too much of the brake material in few daily drives.

I also hoped that you are not driving 100 miles daily before you work on it ... then if that's the case, all bets are off ;)
The wear indicator is on the inner pad only and does not leave any *easily* visible marks anyway. It is made of a real thin tin looking metal that is so much softer the rotors, it can't damage them. That said, do not wait too long- pads average about 800 miles after the indicators. YMMV.