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R.I.P Carroll Shelby

Thank you Mr. Shelby for all you have done for motorsports and the automotive industry. Your services will be remembered.

I've owned a few Shelby's over the years and this is certainly a sad day. RIP



It's certainly a sad day in the automotive world. R.I.P Mr. Shelby.
OMG!!! I swear I get half my news from prime. This is a big one :(. I tried like hell to name my daughter Shelby but my wife wouldn't have it.

RIP Carroll Shelby, your name will live on forever in the automotive history books.
R.I.P Carroll Shelby.:frown: A true legend in the automotive world.
Very sad. I was fotunate enough to meet him about 5 years ago when I was working on the 2010 Mustang. He came in to the studio to have a look at what we we're doing for the GT500. We were all of course excited to meet him and he was very humble saying " I'm just amazed any of these young guys know who I am." I happened to have a original GT500 model at my desk which I had him sign. R.I.P. Mr. Shelby.
He lived 50 miles from me.... yet sadly I never met the legend!

May his soul Rest In Peace. He had his share of controversies but nobody can deny the fact that he was an automotive Icon!
amazing man and storied life....and he lived for quite a few more years with someone elses heart/lungs:eek:
Let’s celebrate his life and contribution to everything automotive and American. The old man of the Automotive Mountain lived a long, tuff and full life. Smoke’n, drink’n and race’n ...THEN living to almost 90 years of age with a heart and other organs on loan is proof of his determination and steely spirit.

I met him several times, most memorable in Vegas at the SEMA show when the Buick powered Shelby was unveiled and at the Dallas Grand Prix back in the 90’s. While some say he wasn’t the easiest to get along with, it was his hard driving ways that took the trophy back for Ford and the US. His bold and lofty visions set destiny in motion for all of us to enjoy one of the most exciting times in motor sport history, the muscle era of the 1960’s and 70’s. Can’t imagine what our industry, culture of life would look like if we didn’t have passionate men like Shelby, Zora Duntov, Iacocca, John Delorean and even Harley Earl in the mix.

Sad to see him go? Yes!!… But ever so enjoyable to look back at what he’s given us. RIP Carol.

Carol Shelby is the definition of Texas Tuff.
A true legend who will never be forgotten.
Those big shoes will never be filled. I still would love to own a Shelby replica. I can't afford a real Shelby and remain married :big grin:
RIP and condolences to his family.