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Racing seat for large driver

15 April 2011
Melbourne Australia
Hi guys,
I'm looking for a large reclinable racing/street seat.
Is there any larger guys out there who have found a seat that will fit into the nsx?
I'm about 6 4" 200lbs with a 36" waist. does anybody know of a seat that will work for me?
I have the DaliRacing seat cushion which replaces the OEM seat cushion. It gives you an additional 2" of headroom, but keeps the rest of the OEM seat intact. Might be a good (and cheaper) alternative to replacing the entire seat..

This link is the leather version (I have the cloth which is about $100 cheaper):


Thanks Hapa,
I've already got the dali cushion.
I find it a bit uncomfortable mainly cos the side bolsters are narrower the lower the cushion goes.
I'm going to bend the shell to move the side bolsters out and shave some foam of the bolsters aswell.
That seems like the best option for me.

Did you ever find a good solution to your seat issue? I am 6'5" and 245lbs 40" waist and have the same issue with the Dali seat works to fit me in the car but after 1 hour in car. Did the bending and shaving of material work for you?

I am looking to replace the seat completely because I am not sure I want to mess with OEM seats.

you may want to pm turbotogo..he has done lots of research about seats(among lots of other things) and from what I can gather the oem seats are already mounted as close to the floor as you are going to get.So thinning out the oem pad/cushion may be the best alternative to a total replacement.
Sparco Evo II US with custom seat rail. Most comfortable and largest framed racing bucket seat that fits inside nsx.
Only downside is you either have to go with a fixed mount or a custom rail to clear your height.