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RealTime Racing

Re: Fatal motorcycle accident

H-carWizKid said:
It is sad to report, but Jerome Zimmerman passed away 07/22/03.

I just heard this today! That is really a shame. I had a chance to speak to Jerry a number of times about his work on the Realtime NSX. He was always very friendly and informative. He never held back any details about the car, and treated everybody as an equal. Nice guy.
All of the Speed Touring and GT teams are putting on some of the best racing on the planet!! Their tents/trucks in the paddock are 1st rate too. I was @ Realtime's area at Road America and was looking around for Pierre to sign my helmet but didn't see him so I was going to leave and come back later.......Some crew lady went in and got him and he actually tracked ME down!!! Great guy and a great team. It was also nice to see both local teams competing this year too (Realtime and King)
I cant say enough about how helpful Realtime has been, not only have they sold me everything I wanted, they have been very generous with the proprietary details that go into each of the components… basically sharing the years of development that went into this platform.

To answer the question about what parts are from RTR? I have purchased most everything that will help my effort, from the supercharger to the center lock wheels, to the special clutch and 6-speed. The RTR decision to not run the NSX this season was looming until the last minute; I needed to get this project started if I was going to get a 2003 race or two. If RTR knew earlier I would have just purchased the whole car. Now I’m glad I started new, I incorporated a lot of improvements that are in his new NSX.

Oh, about the weight- it will be a handful at first, to follow PD’s past… He is truly one of the greatest racers, in-fact he is the Winn ingest SCCA racer of all time. A lot “Reward” rules came with being that good; More weight, lower rev limit, smaller rear tires, less boost… Fortunately they adjust the rules per entrant, and what they taketh away they can giveth back. I don’t mean to undersell myself or sound arrogant; I know my skills and will do well in this series, with time to sort the car.

You Cunningham fans are about to get some interesting news next week (This weekend if your going to the LA auto show). I will clarify after the cat is out of the bag.

Oh, one other thing; I’m really disappointed that I wont get to bring this NSX to expo. I have a race the following weekend, with practice and time trials earlier in the week.
Old thread but figured I would ask if you’d have info on the Centerlock situation they ran? :)