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Rear Wings

14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I have the complete Wings West body kit on my NSX and would like to get some feedback on different rear wings that are available. I've seen the Commando wing that WW makes and I understand that Comptech sells a smaller version also made by WW for them. The factory wing seems a little small to go with the WW body kit.
Try the Gruppe M wing, they look great to me.



I don't really like those excessive wings personally.....


but that's just a matter of preference I guess


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I'm just a musician, and consequently don't know a whole lot about engineering, but I do know that the designers of the NSX had certain things in mind when they put together the NSX package. In the car's specs you'll notice that, unlike most cars that create gobs of lift at speed (the 911 for instance, look at that rediculous whale-tail they had to put on that car to keep it on the ground) the NSX has only a .05% coefficient of lift. And this is executed without gaudy, drag inducing wings, but instead with only the subtle diffuser that elegantly graces the cars' curvacious rear end (ooh, I like the way I talk).
Beware of changes that may negatively affect the car's at-speed handling characteristics Brad. Unless you don't plan on spending a lot of time at triple digit speeds. Yeah, right.

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hey hey,

GruppeM: Damn! that's practically a perfect NSX imo! (needs a black top imo). Where's K&N's website?
Also, how come the front spoiler on the pic is different than the one on your car? (As far as i remember, you front spoiler didn't have the side wings) Thanks!

The front nose piece with the winglet and the front grand effect board cost approximately 320000 yen, that's about $4500 canadian (3000 US or so), so..... but in the future I might consider getting it just to stay as a royal Gruppe M fan

My current front lip looks the same, only without the winglet (in fact it's one of the variations of M's front lips), and it cost a LOT less since it's only an add on to the OEM nose instead of the whole piece. The winglets does look great but consider how much more you need to spend, why not spend the extras on something else eh?

btw, when is boom 2000 any ideas? I will persuade my friend's NSX to go too! you'll see the new mods on my car by then!
Wow. I never thought the front spoiler would cost so much. And yes, i myself probably wouldn't put that much just for the front spoiler...would probably get a great stereo system instead.

Also, I know your car was not there in Boom 98, but there was another red NSX, with the GruppeM side skirts, rear spoiler, and front lip (same as yours) but without the fender flares. In 99, i think it was the red NSX right beside your car, but all of the body mods were gone, except for the mags. You know that guy as well?

As for Boom 2000, i honestly don't know, but i would assume later on (usually mid-late July i think) when it gets hotter.