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Red '02+ Sighting in Ridgecrest (Desert)

30 April 2004
Northern Virginia
I spotted a red '02+ (or older retrofitted with '02+ headlights) in Ridgecrest on Monday, March 7 at the Mobil station. Are you a local or just passing through? If you're a local, I'd like to meet up and chat.

Side Note: I wanted to be the first one here with an NSX- we have 2 vipers, a Ferrari, several Porsches, but no NSXs yet. *pouting* :biggrin:
Again, 3rd day in a row on my way to work about 6:30 am. (I've gone 3 years without seeing one anywhere close to here, and it makes 3 days in a row...) I'm hoping he'd chime in here and let me go for a ride!
Vizal said:
Good luck finding these owners. I posted my sightings but rarely get any responds, but worth the try.
I just thought I'd see. There's quite a few auto enthusiasts in the area- mostly classic cars though. There's also a lot of visitors to the region...
good luck and let me know if you need help getting a home ;)