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Red front emblem…

10 September 2021
I can’t stand the grey Acura emblem on my red car. Trying to see if anyone tried red Acura emblem from dc2 type r. I think it would flow better than the current emblem. Not trying to do the whole type r look, I want to keep it Acura but looking for something that matches better? I’d do the delete but I hear there will be two holes left over. Need it to be reversible in case I sell I suppose.
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I am thinking the same thing. I don't know if the ITR emblem is the same size. I was also thinking about a high quality sticker (ala Porsche)
SOS and several others sell other color inlay emblems in both Acura and Honda. I have a Gloss black one on my car. The ITR ones fit but you need to clip the pins off the back I believe they don’t line up. It also dose not sit as flush as the OEM ones.

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Thanks! i just ordered from SoS, for some reason i didn't look to see if they had them.
I did that and love it. The tabs don’t line up, so I had to dremel those off but looks fantastic. Make sure you put masking or painter tape since the tabs will be not compatible.