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Red Nsx Sighted On Us 23 Going North

I was on 23 North between Columbus and Mansfield headed to Mid-Ohio a couple of Saturdays ago. It might have been me if thats where you saw it. Red, lowered, chrome wheels, wings west ground effects.
tjacks, who are you? A couple of Saturdays ago? I'm going to guess for the AML? It would be nice to see your car. Are you new owner here?
Yes I was going to the American Lemans race. I hate to say it...but I actually put a for sale sign on my car while it was there. I've had it for about 3 and a half years and am not completely sure I want to sell it..I love it...but I'm getting married in July and we are planning to get another house and it would be a whole lot easier without that payment. I posted it for sale on here also. Its funny...a couple people have called about it and I tell them every posible thing that I can think of that isn't perfect....maybe subconsciously trying to get them to not want it. lol.