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Refreshed NSX?

Fair enough, and good point. I actually find the ACC on my 2011 ZDX works better than the one on my 2014 MDX did, but I have two main complaints with both of them. One, they leave too big a gap between me and the car in front such that other traffic cuts in, making the system brake, leaving a big gap, which lets other traffic cut in, and on and on. Two, they detect phantom objects in front of me that make them brake unnecessarily (and occasionally scare the crap out of me because there's nothing there but the car goes all "BRAKE!" beeping and flashing and braking. If the newer systems have solved these two problems, then I'll actually be much more of a fan.
I went from 2020 MDX to 2022 MDX and the CMBS is difference is night and day. In the 2020, it would warn me far too often. The 2022 rarely alerts me, almost to the point where I wonder if its on. But that's the way it should be.

I haven't tried the ACC yet.


So…what’s going to be Acura’s response to Ferrari and McLaren advancing like this? I’ve said repeatedly that the NC1 was ahead of its time in bringing electrification down to a semi-attainable price from the previous million-dollar hypercars. I know peak power and 0-60 are not all there is to a car, but is Acura going to sit on its butt like they did with the NA1/2? I’d love to see them come out swinging here. Based on their past, I don’t see it happening, though.

Like you said, that's not Acura's MO. They're content letting those 2 + Lamborghini battle in the $250k+ price range. Should be interesting to see the Artura, the 296, and the new Maserati go at it. I like all 3.

Just like the keyboard warriors that say the new TLX Type-S should have 500hp to be "competitive." That's never been what Acura has been about, nor will that ever change.
yea..but is it really a stretch to have 650 hp when you are comfortably at 570?.....You are building a widget to sell not to make you feel fuzzy inside...
Hopefully we will find out soon whether or not the NSX is alive, alive with improvements or DOA. Bottom line is this car is a joy to drive. I often come up with some pretty asinine reasons to drive mine. I had rinsed it off and had it under its car cover in the garage for the last 4 days. Feeling pretty sad about it being covered up I came up with a reason to drive it. I had run out of Jolly Rancher hard candy and decided to make the pilgrimage to my local Target about 8 miles away. Drove there got my two bags of candy and returned the car to the garage and its cover. Wow another disaster averted by my trusty NSX. The NC1 is the best store runner I have ever had....

This is hilarious. :biggrin:
Jolly Rancher emergency! No regular car will do! Off to the X!