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My insurance company basically said, "it's not a problem until it's a problem."
I have a collection of cars and I started registering cars in Montana a few years ago. The incentive came when I restored a Jaguar XKE and those expenses were included in the sales price. The sales tax in Texas was going to be $23,475 so it made good sense to do it. In addition a bunch of the cars in my collection are trailer queens and I don't have the energy to get them annually inspected to keep them registered -- another stupid Texas rule. You can register in Montana without an inspection. You have to create a Montana LLC to hold title because Montana will only register a car for one of its citizens or entities. That costs a few hundred dollars to create. Montana has a fixed price on registration of a vehicle and for a $150,000 car it is like $1500. In Texas it is 6.25% so therein lies the incentive. But I would only do it if your sales tax will exceed about $2000 because that is basically what it costs to do a single car with a permanent license plate. Also, there are some annual maintenance fees for your LLC.
Mooney56, thank you for sharing the benefits and process for registering your car in Montana.