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Rent/borrow S2k/Z4/etc

25 February 2012
My car is sadly in the shop (head gasket) and an old friend is in town this weekend, so...

Does anyone know of somewhere around here where I could rent an interesting roadster (or possibly even an NSX) for the day on Sunday? Sadly the only S2000 listed on rent2buy.com has a minimum rental cycle of three days.

Alternatively, can I borrow somebody's S2000/NSX/Miata/other on Sunday? I work for a certain fruit company and get great discounts on iStuff... :biggrin:
I was in a similar situation before and highly recommend you rent from ClubSportiva. My friend is one of the owners and a great guy. If your friend is worth it, spend the money as it's less risk. Renting from that place takes care of insurance liabilities and costs all in one stop!

I know you are asking to rent from a friend or NSX member but I highly caution you against this. There is just WAY too much risk involved and personally I would never ask a friend or risk a friendship for this type of task. Anything can happen and the last thing you want to be worrying about is your friend's NSX while entertaining.