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Replacement Warning sticker for VISOR (kinda funny)

3 March 2005
Tampa, Florida
Just purchased my NSX last week and could not resist coming up with a replacement warning sticker for the airbag warning on the visor. I have this as a high res-file if anyone wants it.

Hopefully this will not offend anyone as it's my first post as an owner. For the record, I mean no disrespect to any female owners or enthusiasts. :wink:


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I think it is pretty damn funny. Those that are offended need to go back to watching Oprah and Dr. Phil.

Can you PM the hi-res file; I know some woman that will laugh when they pull my visor down :biggrin: .
I have printed some actual VINYL stickers (NOT PAPER) They are Laminated with UV coating for durability. I am willing to let them go to cover my costs and mailing. They fit right over the existing airbag warning on the inside of the visor.

This thread probably needs to be moved to the market place?

$5.59 ea. + $1.25 shipping and handling (carefully packed to insure they do not bend and crease)

additional stickers are $4.99 ea.

I can accept Paypal payments at: [email protected]
-G. Gordon
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i will take one...there is always some girl searching for a mirror there!

pm me with details , costs etc.
Actually I pack stickers in cardboard so they don't get bent or creased.

I have updated my description to indicate that 1.25 is not just for shipping, it includes handling for my time to hand cut stickers, cut, cardboard, round corner each sticker by hand and pack the item(s).

Thanks for pointing the error out in my description I did not mean to mislead anyone.
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I was not complaining about the cost of the sticker, but if you're charging for shipping and handling then you should say so up front. Otherwise you come across like the million scammers on eBay who sell stuff cheap and then make their profit in 'handling' charges to avoid fees.

Not saying that's what you're doing, just looking for clarity.