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reputable machine shop

7 April 2007
Downey, CA
anyone know a reputable machine shop in the Los Angeles area where i can get the following done?

time sert
piston bushing
I don't know what "time sert" means but I used a machine shop in El Monte when I built my Vortec 350 Chevy. I bet the NSX engine has lower tolerances so the question is how much precision are you looking for? If it's just basic machining I will hunt for their number. They did great work (decked the block, 3 angle on the heads, bored chambers etc..) for a cheaper than reasonable price.
time sert is boring the head threads in the block and insert steel time sert threads. This will allow a better seal with arp head studs. the stock threads in the block are aluminum and once head studs are bolted down it's creating stress on the threads. Steel threads don't expand as much as aluminum.
Garvey Auto Shop on the corner of Garvey/Humbert in El Monte. You should really check them out first. Might be good enough for my Chevelle i'd have to think twice about taking my 3.0 there.

If I was more savvy on what exactly you're doing I could give you my 0.02. For example, I had them machine my crank bearing guides, rebore my piston chambers, and they worked on my heads. I contemplated having them machine my valve bosses (or whatever I needed for a higher lift cam) but decided not to because they did have older equipment with the thought that older equipment have worse tolerances. Hope that makes sense.

My 350 block was $250, heads were $400 on craigslist - lots available. Relatively pennies compared to a NA1,NA2 parts. He did all the machine work for under $300. VERY CHEAP!

They also farm out some of the work if their shop can't handle that particular job. Anyway, I don't know the address but they're right next to a Pho.

Never heard of time serts but I've heard of Keen serts (locking threaded inserts). Anyway, Taylor Engine in Whittier is the best I know of since Benson left. You might need to wait awhile as they tend to be busy. Mark