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Retarding timing on a 97+ boosted NSX

13 September 2000
Encino, CA

Does anyone have any experience with or thoughts about retarding the timing on a 97+ NSX? Most twin-turbo and supercharged kits have been done to pre-95 cars, which operate differently than the 97's apparently. (I have a 97).

Larry at Modified NSX/Team NSX felt that timing should be retarded if adding a twin turbo kit to a 97. But he said he didn't have any experience retarding the timing on a 97+.

Has anyone heard anything about chipping a 97 to retard timing?

What about experience with aftermarket timing controllers?

The Apex ITC is an add-on controller for around $300 that allows you to adjust timing based on your RPM. I haven't heard of anyone trying one on an NSX.

Split Second (ARC1/2 fuel controllers) has a new timing controller for $550 that allows timing to be retarded based also on manifold pressure. http://www.splitsec.com/products/timing.htm Again, haven't heard of anyone trying one on an NSX.

Both due to trying to keep the car as stock as possible, and also due the $$, going with a complete aftermarket fuel system (Haltech, etc) isn't an option..

Mechtech has the capacity to modify the stock ECU on earlier cars; however, I am uncertain if they can perform similar modifications on the newer OBDII vehicles. They manipulated my ECU to include retarding the timing at higher RPMs to avoid detonation. Along with a Haltech AIC, RC injectors, etc I have been able to achieve 348hp at the wheels on my TT setup. Their # is 760-432-0555.