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reupholstering seats

Don't forget that you would need to swap the carpet and some of the other panels (lower door panel, frame rail covers), or they would not match.
I had a local guy redo the two front seats and center console in my '87 Legend. He used ALL leather and replaced the foam (even added extra in areas I requested AND added a real nice pocket across the back of the passenger seat).

He did a great job. Cost: $850 Color: Saddle

Color match was pretty close. The rear seats are a little darker, but with an NSX there are no rear seats.

I live in MD, not real far from CT...

'00 Candy Apple Blue / Black, #264
unless the seats are completely messed up, you can have the individual panels that are showing wear replaced, I had mine done at a local shop and the color match on the Ivory seats was perfect, I know the shop has plenty of material left as the smalest amount he could order was a yard. I will get you his number if you need it just private me.