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Rim choices, so hard!

10 April 2012
So I've been back and fourth between wheels for my nsx. Choices where RPF1's, work meisters or te37's.

I think I've settled on the cheaper option of the RPF1's, not that I want to hold back on this car but BBK clearance and wheel fitment is being so difficult with this car!

I'm thinking of a 17/18 RPF1 setup but out of curiosity has anyone done or seen a 18/19 RPF1 setup on these cars? I know handling and ride would be better with a 17/18 but I'm wondering how the 18/19 would look.

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I feel your pain as I also have been going back and forth on wheels. There is a big price difference between RPF1s and TE37s. Is price not an issue? If it is, it's hard to beat the RPF1s bang for buck but what about the PF01s?

What I did to help me make a decision was search the Unofficial Red NSX thread to see what I think looks good. I also searched on Google for images of certain wheels on NSXs.

In the end I like the CE28n's, Advan RS and GT-Vs all high priced wheels but also am considering the PF01's (an excellent deal). And to add to my difficulty I also have no aversion to running reps which there are plenty of. Actually going today to a local shop to look at a few wheels in person.

Good luck.
If I had to do it all over again I would do the BC wheels in the Vendor section.

Forged and looks unique.

Yes those are very nice but the ones I like are $3000+ and its more than what I am willing to spend.