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RIP Jon Lord

9 September 2001
Somewhere on the Cumberland Plateau
Jon Lord, keyboardist of Deep Purple passed away on July 16, 2012 at age 71 from pancreatic cancer. He was a master of the Hammond organ and one my personal heros. His ripping solos are legendary. RIP Jon.

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Was listening a rock radio morning talk show yesterday and only one of the five personalities knew who he was :(

Loudest concert I've ever been to was Deep Purple on their Perfect Strangers tour. It sounded like everybody was lisping the following day. I started bringing earplugs with me after that. Amazing keyboard player and song writer.
Glad to see some JL fans on here, RIP Mr Lord.

Agreed on both fronts, what he could do with an organ!


Loudest concert I've ever been to was Deep Purple on their Perfect Strangers tour.

Badlands was the loudest I heard, once in Orlando and once in Cincy. My ears rang the whole next day both times. Ray Gillian (no relation to Ian) RIP too.
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This is really unfortunate to hear. We're getting to the time where some of the most legendary musicians of all time are beginning to pass away from age/natural causes(rather than drugs/disease). :(

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Since this is a car forum I just remembered this: I was given a collection of magazines from the 70's like Cream and Hit Parader etc. many years ago. Cream I think it was, would do a feature monthly called something like Rock Stars and their Cars.

One month around mark 3 DP era they featured Jon Lord with a Merc gull-wing. Being the 70's they bagged on him for driving such an old car and wrote something like "what's the matter Jon, isnt Deep Purple paying you enough?".

I don't think he was a petrol head per se but he apparently did have a taste for that car if not others.
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RIP Jon. Thanks for the music !!!
(I once worked with a woman whose husband always flew in 1st Class. On one trip, this husband ended up playing endless card games with the passenger next to him. They enjoyed a friendly chat and the fellow passenger explained that he was a singer and ended up inviting the husband to his concert....But the husband had to decline because of time commitments. The singer was Ian Gillian and his band was Deep Purple. )