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Rotora rear BBK {red}

14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
Well I purchased a Rotora rear BBK to match the front and it will not clear the wheels:frown:. It comes with 2 piece 330mm rotors and steel lines. Brand new. I pd. 1658.00 for these and will make someone locally a "very" good deal. I want to keep this local also if possible. $1100.00
Just do what I did David and change out your rims. Or why not use a spacer for the rear?
Already got a 5mm and 10mm, but neither will give the clearance. I did think about changing wheels but then I'm starting all over again. I do like the iforges and by looking at the offsets I really assumed they would clear. Unfortunately, iforge does'nt reveal offsets. I really want to use these brakes:frown: The fronts look sooo good. I still may check into different wheels {advan}. My luck is kinda sucking lately.:rolleyes: