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Running R-Compound Tire on the Track for the first time

27 May 2006
West San Gabriel Valley Area, CA

I just bought the following wheels and tires and I'm going to Willow Springs on Sunday to run in AROSC Time Trials. I'm looking forward to seeing what these tires can do. I have been advised to take it slow until the tires getup to temperature. I'm only going on Sunday for theis two day event. So, I only have 5, 20 min. sessions to get use to the tires. The last session counts for points towards the years standing for the car club I race with. So, I plan to take my time in working up to speed for the last session! Any other advice is welcomed!

Wheels: Enkeis PF01, 17x8 +45 & 18x9.5 +35
Tires: Toyo Proxes RA (235/40/17 & 275/35/18)

My car's set up and my experience level is discussed in this forum under "tracked cars". Click on the following link, response number 63!!

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did you get them shaved?
did you get them shaved?

yes they are shaved. I just got back from the track I have to say that RA1's are a great tire. I felt that I was quicker at just about every corner from the last time I drove Willow Springs earlier this year, but to my surprise I was 2 seconds slower LOL. The timer did say there were some problems with my recorded times, so maybe the slower times were in error? Anyway, next up may be Sebring. I'm just not sure I want to take a chance of the car breaking down more than 3,000 miles from home?

i'm a last minute add to attend NSXPO. So, I hope to see you there!
They are a great vallue because they last so long and are street-able.....just drive slow in any downpours....for me 37-38 hot was the sweet spot as Billy has mentioned.