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RX8 exhaust looks like Gruppe M

7 April 2005
Interestingly. RX8 exhaust is very similar to the gruppe M design.
RacingBeat $599
Greddy Sp2 $699
Espilir $699
all have that twin canister design. Kindna make you wonder how much Gruppe M is making with exhaust system cost of $2600.

Here is a picture oft he racingbeat RX8 exhaust.
BTW RX8 exhaust outlet is near 48" apart.
Gruppe M have a straight pipe and obviously wouldnt sell as many NSX exhausts as RX8's. I mean in Australia they sold 250 in month whereas since 91' only 131 NSX's have been sold. And outside the design maybe the same but inside could be a different story cos in japan there are many rebadged Gruppe M lookalikes but the sound is different and the price differs.

I think the Gruppe M is worth every dollar.