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S-tai racing exhaust

I am running this exhaust on a dedicated track car. Quite loud when compared to many other cars at the track, but a very nice sound in general IMO. What would you like to know about it?
I was told that they are built to order . I really wanted to know how is the fit and finish ? What headers are you running ? I have seen some of ti-tec exhaust but never the racing exhaust just wanted some feedback to give to a customer of mine .
As far as fit and finish goes...it is excellent. I had zero issues during the installation. If this is a street car you need to know that this exhaust does not work with OE cats. The installation is not bad at all provided you have accounted for the need for a rear diffuser, or a heavily modified rear bumper cover. This exhaust will not work with a stock rear bumper cover. I am running Billy Boat headers as sold originally by RM racing. I had to wait 3-4 months for my exhaust to be built, but I think Chris at SOS can get them faster from time to time.


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thanks man , yeah I spoke to Chris and will have one one the way . I am also going with sos headers setup . Also did you need a additional pipe to eliminate the cat , or does the exhaust do that for you ?
Thanks for the interest in my track car. When I get some pics gathered up I will post some pics in the pics forum to avoid any further hijacking of this thread.