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Sale/Trade BRAND NEW red/black leather seats

16 May 2004
Currently in the Middle East
**NSX moderator** I honestly didnt know where to post this. So if it shouldn't be here place it where you see fit.

I have my 2 OEM leather seats that just got BRAND NEW red/black leather put on. I loved them, an so did everyone else...get comments everyday on how nice they look. Well, needless to say I got jealous when I saw some red/black sparco torino edition 2 seats up close in an NSX. So, you guessed it I want a set now. I will sell mine for $1,950.00 or even trade for a set of red/black sparco torino edition 2($599 a piece) seats or sparco monza($699 a piece) red/black seats. I figured SOS seat rails are $300 a piece :eek: plus the cost of shipping 2 new seats would run a total of or about $1,950.00 and then some. So even trade for someone who has these seats in excellent conditions or sell you mine to replace mine for $1,950.00.

side note for www.rp-motorsports.com, I haven't forgot about you. Thank you for your enduring patience as I play out in the sandbox...again...Can't wait to do business with you.