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San Clemente Cars and Coffee on Saturday, March 20th.

26 October 2006
Loveland, CO and Trabuco Canyon, California
I'm flying in from Loveland, Colorado and plan to go to the Cars and Coffee in San Clemente on Saturday, March 20th. I've never been to one and haven't even been to a SoCal Cars and Coffee since it was Irvine.

Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else is interested in going.

191212_142719 NSX Oakley.jpeg
^Dec. 12, 2019. I'll be driving this after Ramon puts some new rear brake shoes on it. They started making noise on the way home from the group drive on Feb 5th.

210212_164625224 2017 NSX 2.jpeg
Delivery day on Feb 12, 2021. This new-to-me fine machine will be staying at my Loveland, Colorado home.
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