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Saturday Meeting at Claim Jumper, Redmond, WA.

23 July 2003
Seattle, WA.
Hi all, to my surprise, I have seen 2 new owners and I'm excited.
We are going to have a meeting at Claim Jumper in Redmond, WA. at 11:30am till whenever... To new members, here is the address:

Claim Jumper Restaurants
7210 164th Ave N.E.
(425) 885-1273

Please be warned that weather is not going to be nice, I'm crossing my fingers hoping I'll meet all of you guys there. :rolleyes:

Lets see how many of you will show up?
1. me. (if sos coolant tank did show up Friday night)
2. Freelance
3. Polar
4. kclements
5. gene '96 #178
6. ?Seatown-92?
7. ?Wyatthanson?
8. ?Knome_#2?
9. ?saberX ?
10. ?bill robson?

Please confirm :biggrin:, Lets make it the biggest nsx meeting in Rain!!

PS. We also have some nsx owners there who never visit Prime...
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I'll be there at 11:30. Rain, shine, wind, hail or all of the above I'll be there. Can't guarantee that the car will be clean though... :frown:

Have any of you guys had the pleasure of experiencing the blown bose amp? If you have, could you bring some contact info of who you sent them to.

Greatly appreciated and see ya tomorrow,
Steve R.
Man, what a bummer. I thought the lunches were the first Sunday of the month! And on top of that I was out in the NSX yesterday. I better put these Saturdays in the book.
The weather cooperated, so how big was the turn out?

BTW, on a totally different subject. Does anyone have or know of a local set of stock 16"-17" rims for sale? I am looking for a set.

We missed you! The turn out was huge! there was 15 maybe 16 NSX's! We all had a great time and the weather stayed pretty nice. Hopefully the turn out will be even bigger next month! I'll try to attach a pic for ya.

I have my old set of 15"/16"'s if you are interested?



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Hi Loren
Ferrand told me that you have a set of 15/16 stock yokohama tires that you want to sell. Do you still have it?

thank you everyone showing up and we have a good time there. Seems like the weather had been very nice to us. Well, really didn't expect to see few sun breaks!!! Guess it's my birthday gift from "the above". ;)

Stay in touch, we are going to make the "Puget sound" chapter much more active and better. More meets in different time and locations, group drives, BBQ, Karting...etc. We are looking into putting more "flavors" into our meets.

Oh, did I mention Track days and AutoX?? :biggrin:
Claim Jumpers,

I am going to be selling my 1991 black/black, 5 speed NSX and wanted to see if there was anyone local interested before I went to a broader ad. Here are the details. The car is 100% stock and has 56,000 miles. It is currently riding on chromed OEM 1995 wheels with Yokos. I also have the original wheels wirh virtually new Yokos as well as track tires, an NSX car cover and bra.

The transmission is not in the snap ring range. The belts/tensioner and water pump were done @45,500 miles, clutch @ 45,600 and brakes @ 50,400.

The car needs nothing! I will be looking for $30k. PM me with your phone number to discuss.