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Seibon Carbon Experience

5 August 2020
Hi All,

This is not supposed to be a whinge-fest, so I hope it doesn't come across that way. Just wanted to let others know about my 2020-21 experience of ordering Seibon carbon fibre engine cover and NSX-R style spoiler. I'm in Australia, and it took about 11 months from ordering them to actually receiving them. I had read early posts from years ago about holes not lining up etc, but had hoped things had improved and customers were listened to. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. Only three of the four bolts were able to go in for the engine cover, although the spoiler was fine. The engine cover support strut holes were also misaligned significantly, so I just had to choose just one. The spoiler was actually pretty good, apart from one very obvious defect that is 2-3 inches long, and very noticeable.

I've reached out to both Seibon and their distributor here to see what they say, but haven't heard back yet. Again, this is just information for any other NSX owners out there who are considering them so that you can make a more informed choice. There are other posts in the forum about the same topic about 8 years ago as I recall, but this is an update to let you know that after many years they haven't fixed anything. A real shame, because these are really close to excellent products, let down by some frankly baffling choices and failure to listen to their customers.

On an additional note, if you are in Australia like me, you kind of have to go through Maximum Motorsports in Perth, who have been pretty terrible to deal with. Even after 11 months of waiting, I tried to update my shipping address with them, and after not hearing back for a week, I phoned up and was told that "they are really busy, and he'll get to his emails when he can". I was very much an inconvenience.

Anyway, YMMV, but that has been my experience. Cheers!