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Shipping methods

23 November 2001
Lancaster, PA USA
Hello All:
I bought an NSX in FL. I live in PA. I'm going down to see it Jan 11th. My options are to drive it home (about 1100 miles) or ship it. I may drive it depending on weather. If I deceide to ship it, is it worth the extra bucks for a closed carrier? The dealer is recommending an open carrier and says they have always been fine for them. Anyone have and advice/experience they can share?

If weather permits, I would definately drive the car back. It is cheaper, quicker and a lot more fun! The NSX is a great car for road trips, take a friend and make a weekend trip out of it.

Good Luck!
Welcome to the club Mike. I bought my NSX from FL as well and I live here in Ohio. The problem with the road trip idea is that being that we live so far north, you never know what type of weather you will be bringing your new toy into. To have it shipped, I wouldn't spend all the extra bucks it costs to have it covered. In the end, it is over-kill, especially if you have the shipping insured. Looking back, this is the method I would have chosen.
If weather permits,to drive it home is great!! I did it 3 days on the road of complete solitude its one of those road trips that I will never forget.2500 miles was actually a lot of fun.Plus I got to meet many people on the road.I flew out with check in hand and drove it back.I liked driving before my NSX I love driving now.Its one of my cars that I still get that friday,saturday night @ 1:00 A.M by myself or with a friend "wow I want to just cruise the I-10 at speed for a couple hours feeling"

Doesn't Amtrack have a transport service from FL to the Northeast? Something like drive your car on to the train and ride up with it to the North. I think Lud would know what I'm talking about.

-- Chris

drive it!

i'm driving my '98 back from hopkins acura in redwood city, ca to houston tx on the 3rd... that is, of course, if the weather is good... not going to drive in snow around el paso!

good luck and have FUN!


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Amtrak runs the Auto Train on their DC-Orlando route. DC to Lansaster, PA is probably more than you would want to drive if there was bad winter weather.

I always ship enclosed carrier. If it's not worth it to you, ship it open carrier.