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Shop H.I.D. Xenon ???

I got my HID installed by Erick (evof575gtc). I dont know where you live but if you're local to Socal I highly recommend having Erick install your HID. He did an excellent job on my car. Erick also sells HID kits.

Hello everyone,

Had anyone has experience with this kit? The price and the colors selection look promising. Please check out 12,000K - I love the color.:smile: Let me know what you think.


Thank you for your input.

Color is definitely "Cool", however there is practically no usable light with 12,000K HID. In order to achieve anything higher than 6,000K you have to coat the glass with a colored film thereby filtering out light and reducing the overall light output.

I highly don't recommend buying 12,000K lights if you ever plan to use them to see at night. Sure they're cool looking, but definitely not safe. They don't provide a good contrast either with the road and because of the shorter wavelength they are very poor for driving in rain, fog or snow (they will glare excessively). Also the shorter wavelength is harder on your eyes, so you're night vision will be greatly reduced.

I have the Apexcone 55W HIDs (most HID kits are 35W) with the slim ballasts from Xenonexpert.com. I paid around $150 for the kit. DaBears2k also offers the same exact kit. He was doing a group buy earlier.

Also consider whiteNSXs' kits. They are more expensive, however Steve does provide a high quality product and backs it fully and completely. You can't go wrong.

Don't have experience personally with Erick's kits, but I have heard and read good things about them too.
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I bought the high line brand from Eric. While I can't compare it to anything else, I do love the quality of the digital compact system.:biggrin: