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smog station in 916

6 October 2002
Sacramento, CA
crap, i need to get my nsx smogged. any reputable places in sacramento..thanks :smile:

I'm sure the Sac guys will give you lots of advice on this. I haven't lived in Sac since 1997, but you might want to call Motorsport Dynamics (916) 648-8000 on Arden way and find out who they use for SMOG. I used to hang out there back in the day when it was just Henry and Ed and they were always glad to offer advice on stuff like that.

thanks ill give them a call. i used to go to their shop when it was on fulton. i think i bought an airfilter for my 300z..ahh how i miss that car. :rolleyes:
anyways, thanks again.

come on people help me out...i been meaning to go the monthly meetings but i work swing shift...sooooory... :frown:

Eric, the best NSX smog guy I have found is California Test Only Center at 6305 Watt Ave #104, North Highlands. You may not have the same problems since your car is pre-OBD-II, but out of the 7-8 smog places I have taken my '96 to, he is the only guy that can even get the tester to work, let along have the car pass. Not the cheapest at $60 with the certificate, but he knows the car well enough to get teh test done right.

Niello stopped smogging cars a few years ago, I don't know if they ever restared or not.