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**SOLD** 1991 Black NSX 5-Speed JH4NA1155MT002607 77K Miles (JDM SHORT GEARS) $75K

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8 October 2015
$75,000 OBO
1991 Acura NSX Manual Transmission (JDM Short Gears)
Berlina Black Exterior
Ivory interior
77K miles
Located in Cincinnati Ohio Area

[email protected]

I have owned the car since 2015. Always been garage kept. Clean Carfax and no history of wrecks. I have every maintenance record dating back to 2005. The car is mechanically perfect and is a very well sorted NSX. Runs phenomenal and sounds phenomenal. Transmission shifts fantastic and OEM clutch feels great. It has the JDM short gears or “shorties” which are a very desirable upgrade to the USDM gears. Paint looks great for 30+ year old paint. The car was paint corrected and ceramic coated professionally in 2020. Taillights have no condensation or cracks. The car is 100% original except for obvious wearables. It has Buddy Club coilovers, Wedsport TC105N 17/18 wheels (17x8+42, 18x9.5+35), Cantrell Concepts Headers, Pride V2 exhaust. Sparco clutch and brake pedal. Aside from the oem “fat five” wheels and the USDM gears, every original/stock part from the car has been kept, down to the antenna. I also have a set of 1994 NSX wheels. Has cold AC and a new Denso compressor installed in 2022 (converted to R134). There is a K40 Radar detector installed. The car still has the original 1991 front bumper lip that is now discontinued. The ABS still works! Below is a list of all parts retained.

There are some small rock chips and a couple small dents but nothing major. The front Bumper has a larger area of rock chips (the size of 2 or 3 dimes) that were touched up, but the previous owner included an extra black painted oem bumper that I still have, I just never installed it because I never really cared to. The radio turns on, but no sound comes out. Could be rebuilt (worked in 2021 and just stopped one day). The Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tires have good tread but are 5 years old. Small rock chip size of a dime on passenger side of windshield (professionally repaired).

Maintenance between 2015-Present

  • Timing belt, water pump, tensioners, gaskets, valve adjustment, upgraded LMA’s, oil pan gasket, cam seals etc. (@65K miles in 2015)
  • Always Mobile 1 10W-30 Engine oil with OEM NSX oil filter
  • OEM Honda MTF Transmission oil
  • Brake/clutch fluid
  • Window regulators rebuilt
  • Clutch slave and master cylinder replaced with OEM
  • Gauge cluster rebuilt by Brian K.
  • Wheel speed sensor
  • Axle boots
  • New coolant Tank and cap
  • 3 rear bank coil packs
  • Spark Plugs
  • New battery and terminals in 2022
  • Davis Design Fab NSX coil guards (guards the rear bank coil packs from water)
Extras included:
1. OEM Spare wheel/tire
2. OEM antenna
3. OEM 1994 NSX wheels on old tires
4. OEM struts & springs
5. OEM exhaust manifold
6. OEM catback exhaust
7. OEM 6-disc CD changer
8. OEM Ivory Floor mats never used (very hard to find)
9. Extra Engine hatch struts
10. Extra OEM shift knob with boot and plastic insert
11. Original owner’s manual, sales brochure and other original NSX documents from original sale
12. All maintenance records dating back to 2005
13. Extra OEM front bumper painted black. Original one still on car.
14. Aftermarket car cover
15. OEM original key made of Monel (the “titanium” key)
16. Extra Main Relay
17. OEM Seats

Feel free to ask any questions at all!


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Jealous you have the whole phone. I've just got the buttons and antenna. Car looks great, GLWS! Do you have any other shots of the DC2 seats? Did you make a custom bracket for them? Curious how they look/feel.
Here is the only pictures I have of the seats. They are on Wedge Engineering brackets and slider and sit a little lower than stock. Seats feel and fit great in the NSX. They are much “brighter” in person. For some reason when I upload the pictures, they look more “dull”.


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BUMP! PRICE DROP! Willing to take a little less if I keep Recaro seats, a set of wheels, etc.!
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