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Suspension SOLD - Dali Racing 1" Front Track Bar

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8 October 2001
St. Louis, MO
I have a Front Dali Racing 1" Track sway bar for sale, this is the 1.0" diameter bars with 3 adjustment holes and is in the shape of the OEM front bar. Dali made several versions of this bar and this is from the last run they made it is about 4 years old and was installed on my 2004. The bar is the largest made that follows the factory shape and requires you to either space down the front battery tray or modify the tray. I have included the spacers I used and they allow the bar to fit without cutting the tray. It is red and does have a few scratches and scraps from being used on the car, bushings and clamps are included and are in good shape, easy to install on a lift but can be difficult without. This bar made a huge difference in controlling front body roll and is primarily designed for a track setup but work well on the street as well. Sway bar upgrades are something every NSX should have if you drive the car.

Pair this bar with any OEM rear bar and you will have a very balanced setup, if you like the rear a little more lively then change the rear bar to something a little stiffer but do not go too stiff or the car will want to rotate more than needed for road course work but might be desirable for an autocross setup.

I am asking $185.00 +shipping, +PayPal fees.

Send me a PM with your zip and I can quote shipping for you,

ITEM SOLD - Thanks sifu



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