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[SOLD] Factory NSX Cover w/ Red Lettering - OEM (Northern VA)

Also for the sake of photographic closure for any observing parties, as it would be unjust to deny the tail end of the photographic journey.


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Zakiu, Money sent. That was fun. Thanks for taking my challenge. Everyone at my club had a ball watching this unfold
02 - 05 NSX OEM CAR COVER.jpgZakiu, you da man. It arrived safe and sound. Thanks.
Excellent. The odd plastic was just in the event they left it outside and it was raining. Looks like I was wrong and honestly after talking to you I’m glad you’re the new owner. Nothing bad to say about you at all. Enjoy it!
Zakiu is a good dude. He does what he says.
One cover sold. Other remains and price adjusted in accordance with the sold one. Interest picking up due to spring season.