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Sold my Nsx!

26 September 2005
It just hit me now, I no longer have an exotic to drive, can no longer go downstairs and start her up & admire her :frown: . Sold the car this weekend, its going to Norway. Looking to buy another one in 6 months to a year if the Fbug doesn't bite. My main worry about the Fcar is, you can't drive it as often since it will depreciate mad, so I am leaning towards the NSX. Anyway the Nsx was the best sports car I owned, not as special as the older 911's but better in most catagories, not as easy simple to drive as an M3 but way more fun.

At least shes got a good home. This picture is from the first day I washed her accidently landed in a Porsche meet boy did she stand out :)


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I sold mine last year, missed it and bought another one this year.

Norway?! Interesting. :wink: Where are you located, in the US?
Bought wife BMW Coupe, free up some fund, don't like loans. I am in USA (DC_Metro). I hear the speed limit is low in Europe:biggrin: Next one will be early years I don't care for powersteering or added weight, though roofless would be nice, will modify next one.
Congrats, I think. It seems like you would have liked to keep her, but are being more financially responsible. That takes some serious will power. I hope you can find another in the future that is just as nice.