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SOOOOOO Happy! I bought another NSX!

17 December 2001
Portland, Or
I bought another 91 NSX from Eddie Lee last night. I found the car on NSX prime! After my car was wrecked (I was rear ended at a stoplight) I test drove many other cars, and could not settle for anything less than the NSX. I almost forgot how great the cars are to drive. This one has a 6 speed - Love it!

I currently have both cars in the garage, looks pretty cool from the front. I will be posting the red one on ebay soon as salvage (Bad Engine / Frame Damage)

Thanks again for all the great information.

Congrats. Once spoiled by the NSX, you can never go back.

Enjoy that 6-Speed -- it makes a difference.
2 NSX's! I wished I had that kind of money.... I just bought a black/black 91 and its sitting at the dealer until Feb 26, when I gotta get it out of there by then. Cant wait to get it!

Oh the joy of buying an NSX
It took me 43 days without an nsx after I totaled my old red to get my silver one... I know the suffering you have after having owned one and being without for some time, really!