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SOS Exedy twin plate throw out bearing installation??

21 May 2016
My dad and are are replacing the clutch on his '92. He got the Exedy twin plate clutch kit from SOS. PN HMG12SD on the clutch and HCAK102 on the bearing kit.

We cannot figure out how to install the throw out bearing onto the pressure plate. We disassembled the clutch and have the pressure plate separated, but we cannot get the throw out bearing to seat in the fingers of the pressure plate. It seems like it needs to be pressed onto the fingers. I have never seen a throw out bearing like this, neither has my mechanic buddy.

Has any installed these before? I am missing something obvious? I don't want to wreck the brand new parts pressing it together if that is not correct.

- - - Updated - - -

So, we figured it out. The instructions, which were not included in the SOS shipment, are rather important. I found the instructions in an earlier post on this site when the clutch was first released a year ago.

Basically, you need to put the assemble the pressure plates onto the flywheel with the TOB loose in the middle and stacks of washers in place of the outer clutch (the clutch in between the two pressure plates). When the pressure plates are bolted tight to the flywheel, the washers will force the outer pressure plate up, causing the fingers to open up. You can then reach in and pull the TOB into position. You then have to loosed the pressure plates off the flywheel while holding the TOB in place. The springs will return to position, locking the TOB in place.

Never would have figured this out without the instructions.



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