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SOS team strikes again!

1 December 2009
Aside from helping with a miscellaneous including getting me setup with an AEM and a set of their awesome ITB's (On order), Chris was generous enough to give me an old Shine Lip that had some severe damage of the shops Silver NSX. It's already repaired and installed on my car. It has made me realize the rest of my cars front end needs paint badly lol!

And Ffej took a few minutes (around 30) out of his extremely busy day to go through the function of the O2 sensor system to help me eliminate an small hesitation I was experiencing in the car with no CEL. He even lent me one of his personal O2 sensors he used for testing.

And when I got home, I called one last time and spoke with Wade on the phone who confirmed which wires on the o2 sensor lead harness's functioned which way to ensure I was properly testing the original sensors!

All in all, they took what could have been a huge PITA, and made it effortless and kept my car which I DD on the road.

And free "new to me" parts don't hurt either! I should have taken before and after pictures!